Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Cake au Saumon

My mother made a very tasty salmon bread. The French often serve savory cakes (which they call cake, pronounced "kek"). I'm not fond of the usual variety with bits of bacon and cheese. It's often too rich and heavy. But this salmon version, with dill and crushed pink pepper corns (I think that's what they are) made a very good snack.


Kai Carver said...

Yes it's very delicious, and looks good, too.

Swiss Chef said...

Hi Astrid, Ed here from Chez Edorovio http://chezedorovio.blogspot.com/

Can't find a direct e-mail link to you so can you please drop me a mail at ed_mcgaugh "at" yahoo.com.... I want to respond to your post:

Thanks for this post. We moved to Zurich from Paris about two years ago. I personally dote upon a good aged Gruyere. But still, we have been a bit disappointed by what to us seems like a lack of variety in cheeses here. We're not experts, and haven't researched this a lot, but basically it seems to us like it's mostly hard yellow cheeses here. True, they're more or less elastic, more or less sharp, and have different flavors, but in our view French cheese types vary much more in terms of consistency, color, shape, smell and flavor. Go to a nice restaurant in France and look at the cheese wagon, and part of the appeal is the visual variety it offers.