Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Power of Packaging

I bought these cardboard boxes on my last visit to Mora, thinking they might come in useful for gift-giving. Not that I give away so many sweets, but I do like boxes!

I recently remembered them and decided a friend's celebration of her two older children's first communion was a good occasion for baking and giving cannelés and macarons.

What a difference a nice box makes! Home-baked goodies seem much more professional presented in a simple white box.

Lemon and salted caramel macarons. I also made coffee macarons but they were a failure. Argh, macarons!

I also purchased some plastic bags for smaller gifts.

(I gave one of these to my husband to take to work... and he left it on the bus. I hope whoever found the macarons ate them!)


linda said...

Can I send you my address ;)
Everything looks so delicious!

Miri said...

Beautiful presentation indeed! The macarons look delightful!

Amy Mc. said...

They look delicious. I am very impressed. I enjoyed reading your pasta making experiences as well. I recently made some in a cooking class and was surpised at how easy it was. Your ravioli looks great. I have a few ravioli recipes to try and I will let you know if there is one that I like.
Amy McCown

Anonymous said...

Enfin un post sur les contenants, depuis le temps!


Astrid said...

Linda - My brother keeps asking me to research shipping baked goods. I prefer to use them as a lure to get visitors!

Miri - Thank you!

Amy - Thank you so much for your comment, it's nice when people I know come to visit here. I'd love to know how your ravioli turn out!

JED - (-;

Aran said...

i agree, a nice boc just enhances what is inside!

Veron said...

Ooh...yes...packaging is essential. Your macarons and cannelés look amazing!

Claudia said...

I have to confess: I like boxes, too. Unfortunately I haven't found such nice boxes here in Germany. Even bakeries only have boxes with printed patterns which make them unacceptable.